Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Best foot forward? (How many feet have you GOT?!)

Foreword: If Jack can do this, ...

Like most folks (probably), I went back to school today, after mid-term. Unlike most folks (probably), I have a nasty cough and have almost lost my voice. Luckily, I was expected to stand in the firing line ... er, I mean, teach ... for only two lessons, so I croaked my way through an introduction to HTML with a very understanding S3 class, before doing battle with the rebellious First Years.
They were scheduled to have pre-test revision of word processing, information storage, and Logo programming theory. So, pre-test revision they got, despite many and varied attempts to derail my carefully prepared programme.
Thursday is an altogether busier day. Let's hope that the antibiotics have miraculously kicked in by then.

Postscript: I must just say that, over the last two-and-a-half weeks, from my total ignorance of Logo the turtle, I have grown to love writing long sequences of fds and rts, penups and repeats, on the whiteboard. That, and the sea of confused faces as the little darlings attempt to decipher my diabolical pattern-making. (Today, we did a "J" ... a proper one, a capital ... none of your makeshift straight-line stuff, now ...)


At Wed Feb 15, 09:13:00 pm GMT, Blogger secretivepuma said...

As a fellow student teacher, another Star Wars quote that sometimes comes to mind is the classic "I've got a bad feeling about this...".

I've been blogging about my ITT and other stuff since September - have a look at



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