Friday, March 10, 2006

The guns have stopped ... temporarily

The final whirlwind week of placement 2 has come to an end ... with a bump. It's recall day at Jordanhill.

Today, there'll be no delightful S2s to engage in the usual battle of wills. No S3 classes trying to derail the lesson with their tangential banter. No S4 TrueBasic programs to troubleshoot. (Actually, I will miss the intellectual challenge of "spot the misspelt variable", and last week's accidental infinite loop was quite amusing.)

Instead, we're looking over evaluation statements of our teaching ("must do better"), and catching up on unfinished (unstarted?) written tasks (e.g., "From your school experience so far, what is your understanding of the term ASN?" I'm guessing it's not the Atlantic Satellite Network).

And then there's ICT Task 2 ("Submit a lesson plan that clearly identifies the use of ICT in a classroom"), which everyone has probably forgotten about, but is due on 24 March. This is a tricky one for a Computing teacher, although including "a rationale for the use of ICT in your subject for this lesson and the positive contribution ICT brings [makes?] in this context" seems to be a formality. If a Computing student can't use ICT, it's time to hang up the USB flash drive.

Of course, we're all working on our 3,500-word essay on the role of assessment, due now on 27 March. And whatever assignments our APD tutors have set. So ... back to Jordanhill, with a bump.


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