Friday, March 24, 2006

Happy birthday, son!

I'm feeling slightly old, this week.

My son turned 18 at the week-end, which is fantastic for him. He's heavily involved in the Duke of Edinburgh's Award scheme, and wanted a new tent to use on his expeditions. After weeks of research, he came up with the Vaude Hogan: a great, lightweight tent and a good, solid performer.

The HoganThe Vaude Hogan: the lightweight classic with plenty of space.

I said it's great for him. But it's great for me, too -- although I'm fitting into the fifth of Shakespeare's "Seven Ages of Man" rather too well ("in fair round belly with capon lined"). I hope I don't have "eyes severe", and I certainly don't have a "beard of formal cut", but I'd like to think that I am "full of wise saws and modern instances" (if only for my future pupils' sake).


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