Friday, May 05, 2006

Back to school

Even though it was a 4-day week, the first week back in school seemed to last forever. It didn't help that, since the S4s are on study leave, my PT thoughtfully filled three of my five S4 slots with a new S1 class. Thursday especially was a long day, teaching four out of the six periods. (But I suppose, as a teacher, I'll have lots more days like that.)

Game Maker interfaceWhile I was away, my three S2 classes (who only get ICT once a week) started on a new program called Game Maker, written by Dutch guru Mark Overmars (the Utrecht professor, not the ex-Barcelona winger).

It's a pretty impressive program, but it's far too complex for many of the S2s, who are forced to follow instructions without really understanding what's going on. I hope to get to grips with it over the summer (... although I don't know of any other schools that use it. Do you?)


At Tue May 23, 07:30:00 pm GMT, Blogger Digitalkatie said...

Looks an interesting program. Think I'll check it out and maybe use it with my S3 as a bribe for when they're behaving ;-)

At Tue May 23, 09:04:00 pm GMT, Blogger Ewan McIntosh said...

I've got a blogging pal using it in Shropshire. We'll be getting into this, too, after summer. Would you be interested in teaming up on strategies? Send a mail through my blog or leave a comment (I'll be writing about gaming tomorrow).

At Wed May 24, 09:10:00 am GMT, Blogger Duncan__ said...

Katie -- S3s might handle this well. There's such a wide range of abilities in S2 -- some enjoyed it, others were completely flummoxed. But it's not an easy option -- it takes quite a bit of explaining!

Ewan -- we were simply using the tutorial material from the web site, which is not ideal from a pedagogical standpoint. I felt that they needed something easy to reinforce the "Catch the Clown" example, before jumping into the scrolling shooter.


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