Saturday, May 27, 2006

How to get soaked in one easy lesson

It seemed a good idea at the time.

My son's exams were finished, my last school placement was over ... what better way for us to celebrate than a bracing walk in the Scottish Highlands?

Our problems largely stemmed from the fact that, as the owner of the 1976 edition of OS Sheet 56 (Loch Lomond), I was reluctant to shell out £6.49 for a more up-to-date edition. Surely not much can change in (wait a minute) ... thirty years?!

Well, for a start, the A817 evidently didn't exist in 1976, but in 2006 it cut right across our walk area!

My antiquated kit

A brief break in the torrential rain allows a quick photo to be taken

Following a ridiculously outdated map, with the weather alternating between mist and torrential rain, didn't make for ideal walking conditions. Our promised "wonderful high-level walk with magnificent views" turned into a damp slog across boggy hillsides, negotiating electric fences and bristling gorse bushes.

I should say that my walking companion was snug and dry in his 21st century GoreTex-this and Kevlar-that, but I shall have to think seriously about replacing my Victorian gear!

Postscript: Can anyone identify the location from the above clues?


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