Saturday, July 15, 2006


... is not my favourite pastime.

Not by a long chalk. In fact, it's one of those activities that I put off as long as possible. Usually until the ligustrum ovalifolium has almost taken over the pavement at the front, and the fagus sylvatica has plunged the side garden into gloom. (And don't even mention the cupressocyparis leylandii at the back of the house.)

Beech hedges in the side garden

Why do I dread hedge-cutting? Because (a) we've got rather a lot of hedgerows, and (b) they're pretty high. Not exactly Longleat hedge maze high, but high enough. High enough to present a challenge to my old Black and Decker GT250, with its modest 41cm cutting blade (that's a compact 16", for my American reader — I know you're out there).

Anyway, the hedge-cutting is now over. And, like hitting your head against a brick wall, it's fantastic once you stop. (The hedges look pretty good, too.)


At Sun Oct 04, 11:03:00 am GMT, Anonymous Julian said...

A post form 2006 and not a comment which is unbelievable because we have loads of hedging too and cutting it is the same chore for us as it is for you. We use two trimmers - for the tougher stuff, like yew I use a petrol powered Stihl which will rip anything (including fingers, legs, arms, cats etc)while the wife has a dinky little "Hedge Hoover" that collects the clippings as it goes. Only good for softer stuff like privet hedging though.


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