Saturday, March 01, 2008

Gissa job!

I feel a bit like Yosser Hughes.

Nobody who grew up in the 1980s can forget Bernard Hill's splendid portrayal of that out-of-work labourer in Alan Bleasdale's Boys From The Black Stuff.

(Actually, I much preferred Hill's laconic Praetorian Guardsman in Jack Pulman's BBC adaptation of I, Claudius (or "Aye Clavdivs", as we called it in the playground next morning, when we discussed the salacious details from the previous evening's episode). And younger viewers will only know him as King Theoden from The Lord of the Rings.)

But I digress. Yosser Hughes' famous catch-phrase (I'm sure I don't need to remind you) was "Gissa job. Go on. I can do that." And with fewer teacher vacancies, existing teachers becoming "surplus to requirements", and Computing's general falling-out-of-favour, this is fast becoming my own mantra.

I hope you're having better luck.


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