Friday, September 01, 2006

Book of the Month

In a previous post, I lamented the fact that I was due to teach Visual Basic 6.0.

The problem was that (a) I didn't know the software, (b) I didn't own the software, and (c) Microsoft couldn't supply the software. (In fact, I was officially advised to purchase a VB 2005 licence, and then somehow regress to VB 6.0 -- quite how was never fully explained.)

All that has now changed, thanks to a book called Sams Teach Yourself Visual Basic 6 in 24 Hours, which I stumbled upon during a recent visit to Waterstones. It's not so much the lessons that I'm talking about, because the LTS resource pack is based on VB6, so I could just have followed that. The real bonus, however, is the bundled "Working Model" of Visual Basic 6.0 that comes on a CD-ROM. And all for £17.99.

Blast! I've just realised that I could've had it from Amazon for only £13.59. But I wouldn't have had the satisfaction of supporting my local book shop.


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