Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Even in Australia

I know I shouldn't be surprised.

It's called the internet for a reason, after all. But I'm always fascinated to see the widespread geographical locations of my modest band of visitors.

Aunty Mel's recommendation
Auntie Mel stumbled upon my blog ... and loved it

I recently discovered (courtesy of SiteMeter) that Aunty Mel had stumbled upon my blog in Australia. She was kind enough to give me the thumbs-up, chiefly for my habit of adding copious links.

But what's the point of the internet if you don't link ..?


At Tue Aug 08, 05:44:00 pm GMT, Blogger Mr McSwan said...

Nah I didn't go away just not really done much worth talkin about.

At Sun Aug 20, 03:18:00 pm GMT, Blogger Mr C said...

Just a quick one to let you know my new blog address:

I will try and keep it updated as frequently as possible but with the overall workload I don't think I will be able to expect miracles, haha!

All the best.



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